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I appreciate you logging onto my site, where my decades of outdoor experience and research can be used to educate and bring success to everyone, no matter their experience level. I enjoy sharing, with easy to understand language and techniques. Please take the time to visit me on YouTube at Venture North Outdoors Show. If you have any questions send them along. Looking for suggested reliable resorts or Canadian adventures, simply ask.

My Story

Jon Robert Remus is an avid outdoorsman of 40 years. Growing up in Northern Ontario, Canada with the pristine North of Superior wilderness at his doorstep, it was easy to learn the essential elements of professional guiding. Operator of Right on Target Guided Adventures and host of Venture North Outdoors Show; he has taken sportsmen on fishing charters and hunts for trophy moose, bear and deer. Know as " Canada's most versatile Guide" because of the variety of game species he has specialty knowledge. He guided industry leaders like Toxy Haas (owner of Mossy Oak Camo), Wil Primos (Primos Game Calls), Tim Strickland (5-time archery world champion), Gerry Waldhuber (2-time Remington world moose calling champion), Dave Genz (Inventor of Modern Ice Fishing), Babe Winkelman (Good Fishing Show). Hunts have taken him to Northern Quebec for caribou / Colorado for antelope / Wisconsin for turkey and across Canada for moose, caribou and deer. He created the “Canadian Guide Tactics for Hunting Moose” video. A specialist in archery, he was a pro-staff member for Mathews Archery and operated his own archery shop. Host of Venture North Outdoors Television which aired on Outdoor Life Network Canada, Outdoor Channel USA and guest host on TNN Hunting the Country and Babe Winkelman’s Good Fishing Show. Author of "Hunting Woodland Moose" and upcoming book release Spring 2024 - The Ultimate Authority on Trophy Black Bear Hunting". He has published various outdoor teaching magazine articles. The study of wildlife conservation and photography are truly his real passion. I believe “you never stop learning” each trip into nature shows you something new. Just keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Use logic and reason to understand natures imprinting and instinctive responses. His book is intended to educate both the novice and seasoned sportsman alike. It has taken over a decade to collect these one-of-a-kind images. Canada's most versatile guide, takes you on adventures that educate and entertain. His excitement and in-depth knowledge of fishing & hunting tactics are shared while on each outing. Watch as each adventure includes something rare and unique that few sportsmen encounter during their time afield. 

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